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Thema Group specializes in recruitment within the Life Sciences industry

To overview

30 years of experience, 20+ employees, 4 offices and a presence in 3 countries: the credentials that Thema Group puts forward are impressive. Despite the challenges of the past year – Corona, ring a bell… – the Life Sciences recruitment agency still shows its fighting spirit. “We’re in a strong place and remain committed to growth. We’re setting up Thema Group France before the end of the year.”

Thema Group specializes in recruitment within the Life Sciences industry. “That doesn’t necessarily make us unique,” Say Marco Pachen and Peter Kremer, the company’s executives. “What does make us unique is the way we do it: fully committed to the results, getting the questions clear and finding the most suitable answers. This requires a strong relationship built on trust, allowing us to help through our in-depth expertise and experience in the Life Sciences market.” Actual experience in Life Sciences is essential, both execs emphasize. “What typifies Thema Group is that we primarily employ people with a background in Life Sciences – not in HR recruitment.” The same applies for the company execs themselves. Marco is a molecular biologist by training. Peter worked for a large pharmaceutical company. Marco: “You can learn how to do an interview from an HR perspective. What you can’t teach an HR person is the specific knowledge that comes from a life sciences background.” Peter adds: “You also have to know where to find potential candidates. And in this industry, you’ll only know that if you’ve been one yourself.”


The pair finds gratification in doing what they do best: making strong matches. A company happy with having found the right talent and a candidate taking a decisive step in his or her
career. “You’ll only do this job well if you’re a people-person” Marco states. “The same way you start out as a scientist: you want to do something good for humanity. We still do that, but in a different way. We still help people: candidates and companies. Add to that we’re doing this within health care: we’re bringing people together who then go on to innovate and contribute to the well-being of people on a larger scale.”

Hola, Corona!

It must be said: Covid-19 impacted businesses worldwide and did not make an exception for the recruitment industry. Peter: “Recruiting & matchmaking are a social business, we
normally don’t do our jobs sitting behind a desk.” Marco: “In that regard, the past year has been terrible. We do a lot of matchmaking through trade fairs: Chicago, Vienna, Dubai, Dusseldorf … Now everything has to be done through Zoom, resulting in potential clients’ schedules being filled to the brim. Peter: “Also, people aren’t so quick to switch jobs right now. They’re more cautious and think ‘I’ll just stick to what I’m doing’. Today you can only hire people via a screen, it’s not the same.” Still, the pair remains exceptionally optimistic. “Survive we will. We’re still financially healthy, thanks to the strong position and reputation we’ve built.”

First-ever BioVille resident

Another thing to be proud of: Thema Group was the very first resident at BioVille. “True, we were first,” the partners laugh. “Our residency here was chosen very deliberately: we’re
close to our clients and close to potential candidates, with the university and college of Life Sciences next door.” Marco: “On our first day during the move we were carrying a cabinet into the building, when we got talking to another new occupant. We closed a deal before the cabinet touched the ground!” Peter adds: “The networking opportunities here are top-notch and sometimes even start just hanging around the coffee machine.” Marco: “It’s also a good-looking and representative environment: we proudly welcome our clients here.”

Ambitious plans

Despite the challenges of the past year, Thema Group remains ambitious. “We’re committed to growth. This means: more offices in more countries. Our clients are becoming increasingly more international – and we have to keep up with that. Here’s a sneak peek: we’re setting up Thema Group France before the end of the year.”

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Thema Group is about to celebrate its 30th birthday, follow them on LinkedIn to discover their future plans.

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